7 Scottish Folklore Creatures (attribution)


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Title: These are The Kelpies, 30 metre high stainless steel sculptures guarding a new extension to the Forth & Clyde Canal. You can find them in The Helix, a new park located between Grangemouth and Falkirk in Scotland.
Author: Beninjam200
Source: Wikimedia

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Title: domestic cat catches a catnip buzz
Author: Piepie
Source: Wikimedia

Title: An image of the Kelpies
Author: Rosstheamazing
Source: Wikimedia

Title: Eachuisge
Author: Liza Phoenix
Source: Wikimedia


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Title: too much cat mint
Author: T
Source: Flickr

Title: Gillie and the catnip
Author: Dwight Sipler
Source: Flickr


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