Romulus and Remus in Roman Mythology

This is one version of the story of Romulus and Rĕmus. They were twin brothers that were ordered to be killed by the King of Alba Longa, King Amulius in fear of being dethroned.

But because the mother of the children, daughter of the previous king, said their father is one of their gods, either Mars or Hercules, he ordered a servant to carry out the death sentence instead.

Either pity or also afraid of the God’s wrath, the servant put the babies in a basket and drifted them on the river called Tiber trusting their fate to be done in by the elements.

The basket drifted and settled near a river bank caught by the roots of a fig tree where a she-wolf found them and kept them safe as if they were her own. Nurturing them, giving them food and milk.

Not long after that, maybe days maybe years, it wasn’t specified, but a childless shepherd and his wife found the boys and decided to raise them as their own.

They grew up into strong men with strong personalities. Also, maybe because of their early upbringing from the she-wolf, they were very aggressive individuals.

One day, while minding their own business, they went across the shepherds of King Amulius and a fight started regarding their herd which led to Remus’s capture. Romulus found it was unfair what, he incited local shepherds to raid King Amulius’s place and rescue his brother.

They succeeded and even killed King Amulius in the process. The people then offered the crown to both Remus and Romulus but they refused and said they want to build their own cities themselves.

Together they found a good spot but they had a different idea of which hill to start the city from. Romulus wanted the Palatine Hill while Remus preferred Aventine Hill. Regardless, Romulus went ahead and started building a wall around Palatine Hill.

Annoyed at this, Remus started making fun of Romulus’s wall constantly over and over. Until one day, Remus jumped over the wall saying the wall is useless and this was the final line for Romulus.

Romulus snapped, threw the first punch and being aggressive, he accidentally killed Remus. So with Remus out of the picture, he continued building his city and called it Rome after himself.


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