5 Creepy Curses of Tourists Spots Around the World

5. The Ayer’s Rock Curse, Australia

The Ayer’s Rock or Uluru is said to be sacred for some Aboriginal tribes and the legend on how it came to be consists of different stories for different parts of the rock formation. It includes snakes in war with each other, two boys playing in the mud after a rainstorm or even lizardmen who got killed because of food.

Like most sacred places, one wrong move and you would get cursed. Your life would be a living hell. It is forbidden to climb on the rock because it shows disrespect to the place and means that you are walking all over what the ancients called “Dreaming tracks”. It is also advised to not bring any rocks from the place as you would be cursed with bad luck.

Complaints from people who disregarded the curse always point out that they are in fact cursed. Their curse may include family illnesses, death, accidents and even miscarriages. So what can they do to try and remove the curse? They send them back. Though, I doubt that would just suddenly get rid of the curse.

4. Pele’s Curse, Hawaii

The island famous as a tourist destination and w0hen people go on a vacation, people mostly want something as a souvenir. This was a problem for Hawaii as people tend to take lava rocks or sands as souvenirs. The curse that manifested from this problem is: Those who take home the natural treasures directly from the island will suffer the wrath of the island’s goddess, Pele. They will receive a lot of bad luck.

This curse seems to be real since the Hawaiian post office would regularly receive packages containing these things from people trying to get rid of the bad luck. From the letters accompanying these packages, it seems the curse has caused people’s death, depression, illness and more. It is unsure where the curse came from because it doesn’t seem to be connected with any historical events or any religious belief.

Even the earliest mention of the curse was from 1946 which is technically quite recent. The park officials seem to believe it was one of their seniors that made the story up. Because of getting tired at telling people that it was illegal to take rocks from the island that person might have just used scare tactics to stop people from stealing.

3. The Fairy Forts and the Curse of Tara, Ireland

Ireland is one of those places with an abundance of myths and folklore. Mythical creatures is a norm and of course the Fairy Folk. Even til this day, there are certain things that people should or shouldn’t do especially when far from civilisation in fear of getting cursed or in turn, disturbed by fairy folk. It’s something along the lines of, if you don’t disturb us, we wont disturb you kinda pact between humans and fairy folk.

Now, there are thousands of ring forts throughout the Irish countryside which are said to be fairy forts. Folklore about these fairy forts said that the beings that protect them would curse anything that disturbs the forts a bit like the Duwende from Filipino Folklore. Their curse includes but not exclusive to children disappearing, crops failing, animals including livestock becoming barren, death and other unlucky things that could happen.

There’s a few stories of people destroying these forts and end up with misfortune. The latest one happened in 2007 when the construction of the M3 Motorway destroyed several fairy forts in the Tara Skyrne Valley. They call it ” The Curse of Tara” because the Minister of Environment encountered an armed gang and later lost his job, a worker was trapped and died, the chief Health and Safety Officer was nearly killed by a falling tree, the place seems to be accident prone, and a lot of wasp nests seemed to appear across the valley. So if you plan to go to Ireland, try to be respectful to nature or risk getting cursed by fairy folk.

2. Koh Hingham, Thailand

Another island on this list and this small uninhabited island is covered with precious stones. The stones or pebbles there are mostly black and white that glimmer and sparkle under the sun which in Thai Mythology is said to be made by the God, Tarutao. So in legends, the island is said to be protected by an ancient curse that anyone who takes any stones from the island will have a lifetime of badluck.

A bit like the Pele’s curse as mentioned earlier. Every year, people have ignored those legends and every year there would be people trying to return the stones in an attempt to break the curse. Even so, the island is safe to visit and the pebbles can be played with how ever you want, as long as the pebbles remain in the island.

1. Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Langkawi is one of those islands that you’d want to visit for a vacation. Though, before Langkawi prospered as a tourism hot spot, there was a curse that was put on it and the story goes like this:

In the late 18th century a woman by the name of Mahsuri lived in Langkawi. She was the daughter of a couple that came from Phuket, Thailand in search of a better life. She was the most beautiful in Langkawi that its a given men wanted her for themselves and one man managed to marry him. He was a warrior called Wan Darus who was the brother of the village chief.

One day, Wan Derus as a warrior was stationed to fight in a war with the attacking Siamese leaving his beautiful wife at home. While her husband was away, she befriended a bard called Deraman. He was there for quite a long time that people started gossiping. The gossip and rumours got very out of hand that people openly accused her of adultery. So severe that the towns people wanted her dead even after her plee of being innocent.

The chief and his wife who was apparently the source of the rumour issued her condemnation. As she died, she managed to curse the whole island saying that the island will see no peace nor prosperity for the next seven generations. Why seven generations? Maybe its her kindness while still wanting revenge.

Anyways, since then, starvation was a problem as crops just seem to not grow and attacks from the sea kept coming. But the curse seems to have been lifted in 1980 when the 7th generation descendant was born because that was when the Malaysian prime minister declared to make the island a tourist spot and it has prospered ever since.


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