5 Northern US & Canadian Folklore Creatures


5. Waheela
They are known to prowl around the areas of Michigan and Alaska. The Waheela are very similar to the Amarok which is a giant grey wolf in the Inuit Mythology or the White Wolf of Ontario.

So, they are a sort of a Saber-wolf. Very large, larger than normal wolves, with a wide head and large feet which is proportional to their body. They also have long white fur. It is said that their hind legs are shorter than their front legs. When I say that, I just thought of a gorilla running.

Anyways, these Waheela’s are known to hunt alone and never seen to be in packs. That’s why in legends, the Waheela is said to be an evil spirit with supernatural powers. They would kill lonely hunters by themselves and would rip the hunter’s heads off of their bodies. Messily.

4. Akhlut
Another wolf-like creature but what makes them different is that this one is either a hybrid between an orca and a wolf or is a shapeshifting spirit that can either be a wolf or an orca. So you can imagine that you wont be safe by sea or by land.

This is more of an Inuit folklore creature and it is known to prey on the Inuit people especially those who live along the Bering Sea coastline of Alaska. From folklore, they are known to have the sea as their real homes.

But the creature likes to come to land in the form of a giant white wolf and prey on humans. It is said that only when the creature is hungry would it take the form of a wolf.

Now the difference they have between the Waheela is that the wolves always disappear at the end of an ice floor. Wolf tracks would either be found going or coming from the oceans and they call this the tracks of Akhlut.

Also, because of this folklore, any dogs that seem to walk towards or from the ocean are feared as they consider them evil or a possible akhlut in wolf form.

3. Ogopogo
It is an aquatic creature said to haunt the waters of Lake Okanagan. It is known as Ogopogo from an old song around the 1940s but before that, they were actually called the N’ha-a-itk by natives from long ago which could mean the Lake Monster or Lake Demon. Then only around the 1872 was the legend back because of reported sightings of “something” that was in the waters.

Since its hard for me to pronounce the N’ha-a-itk, I’ll call it Ogopogo from now on. So the Ogopogo was described as a 20-50 feet long creature with a serpentine body and maybe a horse-shaped head.

The lake monster, if agitated, would claim whoever’s life that crosses the lake. That’s why natives usually offer sacrifices before going across it. Tho doing this does not guarantee their safety 100% because the lake monster can still attack without warning.

But its nice to know that lochness monster isn’t the only serpent like lake monster out there. Too bad or lucky for us they’re in different parts of the world.

2. Wendigo
This folklore creature came from the Algonquin folklore of Canada and some parts of northern US. There are a few different accounts on how they look like.

Some say they are a furry beast that is bipedal while some say they are human-like but very tall and imppossibly thin as if it has been starving for a long time. Which according to folklore, is a creature that is forever hungry for human flesh.

But this creature is not only a creature that is eternally hungry, they could also be in the form of a spirit where they can possess people. Those who are possessed by them are said to have a never ending hunger just like them.

Due to the possession, the people are then turned into monsters, or should I say a cannibal to be precise.

1. Mahaha The Tickler
This particular creature is more native to the arctic which of course includes Canada. They are crazy demons that are described as being thin almost malnourished, they are mostly ice blue in colour and they are very cold to the touch.

Imagine a thin, almost skin and bones, frozen yet walking corpse just smiling and giggling all the time. They are the Mahahas. Demons that are usually seen with almost no clothing on but doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cold.

With their long bony fingers and sharp nails, they take pleasure in tickling their victims to death all the while giggling and smiling with them.

If you’re thinking that you can’t tickle someone to death, then you’re wrong. People could die from a heart attack or asphyxiation from all the laughing. So this is what happens to their victims. Tickled to death and all of them have a similar expression on their dead faces. The expression of a twisted frozen smile.

The only good thing about this creature is that it is not very smart and could easily be tricked. The old way is to try and get its attention on something and push it away in the water while its preoccupied. But it is an old folklore. They must have learnt something by now so good luck if you ever meet one.


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