5 Toilet Ghosts and Demons


5. Jinn
They are an Islamic supernatural creatures that are described as being on fire but does not emit smoke. It is believed that they are living together with us on the same planet but in a different plane where they can see us but we can’t see them.

They can interact with people and objects and can show themselves if they chose to. It is believed that Jinns are diverse as humans, so they have different personalities, preferences and some are good and some are evil.

So if you happen to meet a good one, maybe something like the genie from Alladin, consider yourself lucky as they have a good amount of magic. But not without consequences though because nothing is free and you will never know if they are truly good or not.

Now some of the evil ones likes filth. So they would inhabit dirty toilets. It is known that they would splash some urine back at you or make you horny when your private parts are on display.

The worse case scenario, they might posses their victims and may even cause permanent insanity.

The only way for you to protect yourself from any jinn is by reciting certain chapters or verses of the Quran and believe whole heartedly in Allah. Mention the name of Allah with the intent to be protected and there would be an invisible veil that prevents the jinn from seeing what should not be seen.

4. Sulak
They are demons from the ancient Babylonia which are the cause of some diseases like strokes and seizures. From the Babylonian Diagnostic Handbook, written by chief scholar Esagil-kin-apli of Borsippa, they described the Sulak as a creature that takes the form of a lion and hides in places where its victims would be alone.

Where is the best place where victims are alone and most vulnerable? Its the toilet. So when someone is doing there business, that is the best opportunity for them to be attacked.

The Jewish population in Babylon feared the Sulak and was then known as the “Lurker of the Latrine” or the “Demon of the Privy”. Also, it’s important to note that after going to the toilet, one must walk at least half a mile away before intercouse. Or the Lurker of the Latrine will ensure that one’s offspring will be epileptic.

3. Akaname
This is a Yokai and its name means Filth Licker. This yokai has a goblin-like appearance, small-ish between the size of a child or a small adult. It has greasy and slimy hair its naked body is greasy as well.

The yokai loves filth and would eat any filth it can find such as mold, scum, human waste and more. So loving these filthy things, they are not limited to dirty toilets, they like dirty bathrooms and abandoned houses as well.

They would only come out at night and would start licking all the filth it could find. They would lap up the slime, grease, hair and more on the floors, walls and even behind the toilet with their extremely long, sticky tongue.

They prefer not to be seen by humans and can spread diseases. I guess that’s because of its behaviour of filth licking which is infested with germs.

2. The Grey Nun of York
Some people say she haunts the room behind the dress circle in the Georgian Theatre Royal, some say she wanders the site where she was caught and some people say she roams the pubs in York scaring gents in the loo.

She is just the normal run of the mill ghost because all she does is appear and disappear while looking grey and eerie.

But her backstory goes like this:

She was a nun in the Middle Ages and she fell in love. People believed she fell in love with a nobleman or a soldier that was guarding the monestary at the time. Their love was mutual and they actually attempted to elope.

But sadly they were caught by the Order and given grave punishments. The man was was hanged while the nun was starved to death. They imprisoned her in the monastery walls while some say she was locked in a windowless room to die.

1. Toire no Hanako-san
Almost everyone knows this particular ghost if you watch a lot of teen anime or jdrama or read a lot of manga or even go to school in Japan. It is an urban legend that circulated in the schools of Japan and have been passed on for almost 3 decades.

There’s always something different with each story that the original story is buried in the abyss just like every rumor would be changed from time to time from word of mouth.

But Hanako-san is mostly portrayed as a young girl with bobbed hair, wearing a red skirt. She would haunt the 4th floor girl’s bathroom by making it sound like some one is there opening and closing the cubicle doors, turning taps on and off and even flushing the toilets without being seen.

You can summon the ghost by knocking on the 3rd stall

*knock knock knock* then ask her if she’s there,

“Um.. Hanako-san… Are you there?”

If she’s there she’d reply “Yep, I’m here” well maybe not in that laid back way, but she would answer that she is there.

So if you get a reply, you can get surprised and run but she might still be there or you can ask her questions and she would be obliged to answer or you can open the door.

Opening the door would get you dragged into the toilet bowl and killed, unless you can show her that you’re a good student.

Then there’s another way for her to appear. This is without summoning her.

If you use the last stall in the bathroom and hear someone in the next stall asking if you want to play, it could be her. If you answered yes you’re dead, she would crawl from the top of the stall into yours and she would start to play.


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