10 Pokemon Based on Inanimate Objects

10. Magnemite / コイル, Magneton / レアコイル –
It is apparent that they are inspired from magnets. So why are they electric type? We could conclude it from its Japanese name which includes the word coil in it.

So if you were to coil a wire and pass a current through it, you would get an electromagnetic coil which acts exactly like a magnet.

Though the design of the Magnemite and its evolutions are much simpler with just adding U-shaped magnets, because who doesn’t know what a U-shaped magnet is? Even kids know them.

9. Chingling /リーシャン, Chimecho / チリーン
The Chingling reminds me of Christmas and cats. Because you know, they’re based on bells and what do you hear when santa claus is on his sleigh? Bell chimes! Then why cats? Well, for whatever reason, humans like to tie bells around the necks of cats which I find highly acceptable.

The Chingling evolves to a Chimecho which is an entirely different chimer. Its the type of wind chime that looks like an upside down bowl with a long hollow metal thingy in the middle that has a strand of string with decorative paper at the end that sways when the wind blows.

8. Geodude / イシツブテ , Graveller / ゴローン
Yep. A rock. What else is there to say? :3 Um.. I guess a moving rock that throws more rocks? Or should I say a boulder since they are big and round?

Hmm.. Next!

7. Trubbish / ヤブクロン, Garbodor /ダストダス
They are inspired by an overflowing bag of rubbish. But look at how Trubbish’s knot on its head looks like. It resembles a bit like bunny ears, which could be debated to give a reference to dust bunnies.

Also Garbodor’s japanese name is “dasu to dasu” which could literally be dust to dust as a play on words of something dirty like trash and the name seems to also be part of the phrase “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” which talks about death.

Probably something along the line of “overflowing rubbish is dirty = pollution = death by garbage”.

6. Klefki / クレッフィ
The klefki looks like a metallic key-ring. It’s face or body resembles a key and its mouth looks like a keyhole. Apparently this Pokemon loves collecting keys and any keys it takes a hold on would be its possession forever.

Klef means key in french and there’s a theory that the word klef could be a corruption of the word kleptomaniac which refers to its habit of stealing in this case stealing keys.

Quite an adorable one if say so myself. Its design and its habits are just seem so adorable and innocent.

Bonus Pokemon:

Ditto / メタモン
Rather than an object you can touch, apparently this pokemon is inspired by an emoticon. Specifically 🙂 the smiley face.
But if we were to nitpick, they are definitely from a single cell organism which has no definitive shape called the amoeba. But it could also be part undifferentiated cell which can change into any other cells by sampling it, thus ditto’s ability to shape-shift.

5. Klink / ギアル, Klang / ギギアル, Klinklang / ギギギアル
They are based on interlocking gears.

Weirdly enough, these pair of gears look like they’re in perpetual pain. I wonder if its from grinding into each other the whole time? It must be forever confused and dizzy just constantly turning like that.

4. Vanillite / バニプッチ, Vanillish / バニリッチ and Vaniluxe / バイバニラ
Well from their name and appearance, I don’t seem to need to say much about them. But I’m going to anyways. They look like ice cream~

One is an ice cream in the cake cone, waffle cone and the double cone for an extra scoop. Ice cream flavour is vanilla, very apparent from their name.

I find them really cute and when they get hot, their top melts. Very cute.

3. Honedge / ヒトツキ, Doublade / ニダンギル, Aegislash / ギルガルド
These Pokemon have a different feel to the other Pokemon since they are literally based on weapons. You know, a broadsword or together with a shield.

But even with that appearance they are still a Pokemon, much like how Mr. Mime looks too human to be a Pokemon but they still are.

2. Nosepass / ノズパス, Probopass / ダイノーズ
Seriously, from the design its clear that they were inspired by the stone heads called Moai on Easter Island. I find this one funny because of its magnetic nose.

The Nosepass’ nose is a magnet and as a result would always get them to keep facing north. Then there’s the pokedex entry that says “if two of these Pokemon meet, they cannot turn their faces to each other when they are close because their magnetic noses repel one another”.

But how can they turn towards each other if they’re all facing one way? The north magnetic pole? Isn’t that the only time? Is there such a thing like that in the Pokemon world? I’m not sure.

1. Darumaka / ダルマッカ, Damanitan / ヒヒダルマ
This one is easy. They are based on the Daruma dolls. Even the names of the Pokemon are quite near to its inspiration. A daruma doll is a roundish, hollow Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma who was a Buddhist monk that lived around the 5th or 6th century which the Japanese call Daruma for short.

They are considered as a talisman of good luck and makes a good gift. Other than a decoration, there’s a special way to use a daruma. When first sold, the daruma would often have blank eyes.

The daruma serves as a reminder. So if the owner has a goal or dream or big task that they want to achieve, draw one of the eyes and leave the other blank. It’s to remind that you have goal and would likely motivate you to achieve it.

Then once your goal is accomplished, you’d feel great to be able to finally draw the other eye and achieve enlightenment.



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