5 Mythological Creatures used in Pokemon


5. Absol/ アブソル

Very cute but creepy at the same time. Maybe its the body type or maybe its the cat like appearance but definitely scary with its very human like face. That human like face and appearance of the absol are inspired by the creature in the Chinese Legends called a Bai Ze or in Japan the same creature is known as Hakutaku which means White Marsh.

So the Hakutaku, according to Chinese legends, are known to be highly knowledgeable about the creatures of the world, just like Absol and its high intelligence.
Surprisingly, it has even made a book, I mean it made a book by giving all the information to the emperor of the time.

Even so, the full book no longer exists, but fragments of it or should I say quotes from it are seen in other existing texts found today. Though the Hakutaku are known to have 9 eyes, 3 on its head and 3 on its body, the absol only has 2 eyes and an oval gem like thingy on its forehead. I guess that is a homage to the Hakutaku making it look like 3 eyes.

The Japanese legend of the hakutaku also says that it once appeared on mount Tateyama in the Toyama perfecture and it predicted a deadly plague would come in the next few years, that is: at the time.

So just like the Hakutaku, the Absol can sense danger and would warn the people about an incoming disaster.

4. Articuno / フリーザー, Zapdos / サンダー & Moltres / ファイヤー

They are based on legendary birds~ Legendary birds like how they are in the PokeMon world, but rather than from 1 particular region like Kanto, these legendary birds are from different parts of the world.

Articuno is believed to be based on the Simurgh, a benevolent flying creature which can be found almost everywhere in the art and literature from the middle east and its surrounding countries. But the simurgh was depicted a bit differently between the different countries. Some have different names while some, if investigated further would have the Simurgh as its base of creation.

There are so many different stories of it but what is common is that it is quite intelligent and is big enough to carry people on its beak, claws or even on it.

Zapdos was definitely based on the Native American legendary creature called the thunderbird. The thunderbird, just like Zapdos, are associated with thunder and lightning. They are both legendary creatures and are both giant birds.

So in legends, the thunderbird is a large bird that is capable of creating storms and the sound when it flies resembles thunder. Individual lightning bolts comes from the glowing snakes it loves carrying around with it and if you see sheet lightning it would come from its eyes whenever it blinks.

The thunderbirds according to some Native american tribes are known to shape shift into human beings by tilting back their beaks like a mask and removing their feathers as if removing a feathered blanket.

Then there’s Moltres… What legendary bird do you think would be a fire type? You’d think of phoenix and you might be right, but some people believe that Moltres is based on the Suzaku.

According to Wu Xing, which is the Taoist 5 elemental system, the Suzaku is a red bird that looks like a pheasant and is perpetually covered in flames. Also, the 3 legendary birds of Kanto has numbers in their name. Let’s count them in Spanish~

Uno Dos Tres~!

3. Ho-oh / ホウオウ

This is another Legendary Pokemon based on a bird and this bird is definitely based on the phoenix. Specifically the Chinese legendary ruler of birds called the Fenghuang. The Huang in FengHuang means emperor which corresponds to the Oh in the Ho Oh which basically means the same thing.

But there are many different types of phoenixes from different parts of the world and different cultures, but the common thing with phoenixes are that they have an affinity with fire and could resurrect itself from its own ashes and flames. Exactly like how the Ho Oh is portrayed as a fire type Pokemon and has been reborn by rising from its own ashes.

It has also resurrected a few characters in Pokemon such as the 3 legendary beasts who became legendary after Resurrection which were Suicune, Raikou and Entei.

2. Golett / ゴビッ & Golurk / ゴルーグ

They are based on either automatons or robots because it could fly but since this video is about mythological creatures, we could say that they are based on golems.
Especially the golem in the Hebrew story called The Golem of Prague because of the crack and strap on its chest.

The story of the Golem goes like this, it was believed that golems could be activated and animated by a certain ritual which involves writing various letters of the Hebrew Alphabet on a piece of paper and forming a “shem”.

The shem was then inserted in the mouth or on the forehead or even engraving it on the golem for it to be animated. There was a rabbi who managed to make one but the golem grew and grew that he was afraid it would be too powerful and would destroy the world.

In fear, he hastened to remove the shem on its forehead, succeeded and the Golem returned to dust but only after inflicting a lot of damage to the man that created him.

1. Xerneas / ゼルネアス, Yveltal / イベルタル & Zygarde / ジガルデ

These are the alphabet and Norse mythology series.

They are based on the creatures living in Yggdrasil which is the World Tree in norse mythology and they are all designed to look like the first letter of their names which are X, Y and Z. The Xerneas looks like a stag and is based on the Eikþyrnir. The Eikþyrnir are known to have glowing horns that drip with dew.

They are an inhabitant of the Valhalla and eats foliage from the Yggdrasil. The Yveltal’s appearance is based on the hawk sitting in between the eyes of a nameless eagle that likes to perch at the top of Yggdrasil which is called the Veðrfölnir which seems to be the source of the nameless eagle’s knowledge.

Then the Zygarde especially its 50% Forme’s appearance, may have been inspired from the Níðhöggr, which is the serpent that resides at the bottom of the world tree and all it does is gnaw at the roots.

While the zygarde’s 10% Forme however is based on Fenrir. The son of Loki and the one that killed Odin as mentioned in my other video.


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