3 Fascinating Space Facts with Explanations


3. A Day on Earth is Different to a Day on Other Planets

Ever wished for an extra hour or more hours for a day?

Your wish has already been fulfilled.

The only problem is that, those extra hours are not on earth.

Before I go on, let me start with the question: What is a day and what is a year?

A day is the time taken for the planet to rotate around its axis while a year is the time taken for the planet to orbit around the sun.
Now keep that in mind.

So for earth, it takes 24 hours to complete one giant spin which is a day for us Earth Folks and it would take 365 days for Earth to orbit around the sun.

So if you want only an hour extra to your day, Mars is your best bet as it takes 25 hours to make a day but because the distance is further from the sun in comparison to Earth, it takes 686.98 Earth days to make a year.

Look at Venus, 1 whole day on Venus would take 243 Earth days.

You could say that it is a veeery long day. But the funny thing about Venus is that, it only takes 224.7 Earth days for Venus to get to a year.

The amazing thing is? On Venus, the day is longer than a year.


2. Your Weight on Mercury would be Much Less than Your Weight on Earth

Well, technically, you would have a different weight on different planets including any large body in space. This is because of the size of the planets and the gravity of the planet.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re 50 kg here on earth, you would still be 50 kg anywhere else.

What changes is not the mass but the weight. Because weights are measured in Newtons or in its raw form using the metric units would be kgm/s2.

Here is the equation for weight. (W = mg)

So for example, to calculate your weight on Earth you would need your mass and the earth’s gravity.

The gravity on Earth is a constant, g=9.8 m/s^2, since I don’t know your mass lets use mine,(cough) 45 kg (cough) give or take 3 kg.

Now, plugging them in the equation, my weight would be 441 N.

Now if you’re on Mercury, which has a gravity of 3.6 m/s^2,

you just have to change the g in the equation to mercury’s to find your weight.

With my mass, my weight would be 162 N. Which is significantly lower than on Earth.


1. There is a Floating Water Reservoir in Space

Astronomers have discovered the largest water vapor reservoir in the universe back in 2011.

Apparently, the discovery of water was not a surprise to astronomers as it was to be expected because there’s water vapor in the milky way itself which is 4000 times smaller than the one found and its mostly frozen.

But this was definitely the first time water was found very far away from Earth. The reservoir holds 140 trillion times the mass of all the water on Earth’s oceans.

The water reservoir is currently floating around an ancient Quasar which is more than 12 billion light years away. A quasar is a massive and extremely remote celestial object which has 1 or 2 black holes in them that emit a large amount of energy.

The energy produced from the black hole is what makes the water by literally knocking hydrogen and oxygen atoms together forming the H2O we all know.

So, one day, when space exploration is possible and that the crazy amount of distance is navigable, humankind may be able to use that source of water for their advantage for further human multiplication.

Though it might not be there anymore because what people see through a telescope is not in real time.

Distance means, light that is captured by the telescope would need time to travel from the quasar to the person’s eye, which means what they saw was something from the past, 1.6 billion years in the past.


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