6 Unusual and Obscure Jobs


5. Professional Snuggler
As stated in one of my videos, the power of touch is important. It relaxes you, it makes you feel happy and it also makes you feel needed. This is typically what a professional snuggler tries to do. They provide cuddles, snuggles and maybe even listening.

This is a thing in Japan and as well as in the United States. Strictly nothing but snuggles, it could get you $50+- 10 for a 1 hour snuggle session. So as most pay for service types of jobs, the more clients you have, the more you would get and all you need to do is snuggle. So the best attribute someone has is to be snuggable.

Just be careful when choosing your client and also let people know where you’re going especially during house calls. Because we don’t know if the next client is a normal person or a rapist or even a killer of some sort.

4. Sex Toy Tester
Where there is a product, there would be a need to test and review the product out. Yes, even sex toys. Thus the need in sex toy testers. You would need to determine its effectiveness in reaching that climax. Does it help in achieving pleasure? Is it bad? Does it hurt? What do you think would improve it and would you recommend it?

I’m sure there are more questions to be asked and its not just fun and games but the thought of just testing out a “toy” in this case an “adult toy” for a living is quite intriguing, as it could give you around 23 to 30 thousand dollars a year.

3. Golf Ball Diver
If you have a scuba diving license or certification, you might just qualify for the job. The job is to collect the stray golf balls that manage to find its way into the ponds in the golf course and then resell the golf balls that you find.

It sounds like an easy job but it requires guts and hard labor. You would need to carry bags filled with golf balls out of the water once you’re done searching for it. Most ponds are so murky and silty, it would be hard to differentiate where is up or down then there are the creatures that live in the ponds as well like snapping turtles, snakes and worse case (depends on the golf course) even crocodiles.

But if you’re OK with all that and very hard working or lucky with your haul, you could get as high as 50 thousand dollars a year if not more.

3. Elevator Inspector
Be honest. How many of you use the stairs when there is an elevator that you can use? Especially when you need to go up more than 5 flights of stairs. But has any of you thought of the safety of elevators? Not really unless you got stuck in one.

This is what an elevator inspector does. They make sure all the elevators under their care meet the safety and compliance codes for passengers and freight. They make sure the equipment is installed properly and supervises the maintenance for the devices taking into account of climates and other factors for the safety of public use.

You don’t need a degree for this job but you would need at least a school diploma and some type of formal training as a thorough knowledge of the policies, equipment and procedures are needed seeing that people’s lives are technically in your hands every time a person uses the elevator.

This job pays well as well with salaries ranging between 47 to 60 thousand dollars per year and if you become the best of the best may even reach an annual salary of around 80 thousand dollars.

2. Crime Scene Cleaner
If you can handle potential physical and emotionally upsetting materials, have high attention to detail and the thoroughness of not leaving even 1 spot uncleaned, you could probably handle being a crime scene cleaner.

You do have to go through a professional training program before you are qualified as the work is not easy. Imagine the stress you would be from what the crime scene looks like, the pool of blood, blood stains, shattered furniture and so on. Not something for the weak of mind could do.

But seeing as it could give around 38 thousand dollars a year, it could be worth it. That is if you have the patience for it.

1. Professional Taster
Even though it sounds like an easy job, earning around 50K a year and eating or tasting on the job but you actually need to have the right skills for it such as able to look for things like consistency, taste, smell, texture and even know if it looks appetizing or not.

You get a better chance of getting this job if you are educated as a food scientist as you are not just supposed to be testing the ice cream but may also help in developing more different flavors, evaluating the nutritional value and distinguishing how the smell of the particular food would be taken by the public.

Food tasting could range from being a dream job to an almost nightmare job as the food may range from ice cream to fast food to even dog and cat food. But you mostly just take a small sample of it, taste the food and spit them out and repeat the whole process while gargling water in between samples.

You should also be able to record your thoughts on the sample and give appropriate feedback for the food that has been tasted.


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