20 Pokemon based on real life plants and animals

  1. Kangaskhan, why they chose a name that sounds similar to Genghis Khan for a kangaroo like Pokemon, I don’t know. But I do know that in earlier design. The baby Kangaskhan should be able to evolve to either a Cubone or a bigger Kangaskhan. For it to evolve into a Cubone, the bigger Kangaskhan would have to die and then the baby Kangaskhan would take the skull and wear it on its head, just like how the current Cubone would be.
  2. Mankey, as you can see would be based on monkeys but the white fur and the reddish face, that is specifically based on the Japanese Macaque. You know those monkeys in anime that like to bathe in the hot springs? Those are the Japanese Macaques.
  3. Poliwag, they are inspired by the translucent tadpoles. Those swirls on its belly is its innards showing through. The same as poliwag if you read some of its Pokedex entries actually says that the poliwag has thin skin and “it is possible to see the Pokemon’s spiral innards right through the skin”. I’m now confused to whether I find it cute or not anymore.
  4. Gorebyss, a very cute water type Pokemon with purple sea shells that reminds me of mermaids. It’s real life counterpart which looks creepy rather than cute is the long nosed Chimera. Often mistaken for the long nosed shark because of you guessed it, the long nose, but the shark is mostly 3-4 metres long while the Chimera is mostly around 0.6 to 1.4 m long.
  5. Exeggutor, I talked about how they resemble a yokai in one of my videos, but if you look closely at its design it looks a lot like a coconut tree. Look! I mean look at that uncanny resemblance.
  6. Caterpie, just from the name and the looks, we know its is based of a caterpillar but specifically, it is based of the eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar. But the real thing does not have eyes, rather the thing that looks like an eye is just a pattern on the caterpillar’s body.
  7. Drowzee, another one that I’ve talked about in one of my yokai video and it resembles the Malayan tapir. Though it looks like a tapir, the tapir does not walk on 2 legs like Drowzee. It would be scary if it did, with a face that some might say cute but I will forever associate it with a nightmare because of the yokai.
  8. 8. Charmander, my first thought when I saw Charmander was, it looks weird. Probably because I find the animal its based off on which is the salamander looks exceptionally weird as well. It’s very apparent that it looks like a salamander from its smooth roundish head and that wide slight grin they seem to have.
  9. Mudkip, very cute and it resembles the Axolotl. The axolotl is a salamander that as they grow would get stuck in its larva stage and never grows into a full adult. They also have a good regenerating ability that they could regrow any part of their body if they for whatever reason get amputated with a full functioning new part.
  10. Krookodile, this one is pretty obvious. Unless you are not familiar with the English language, this Pokemon is based of a crocodile. Specifically a crocodile called the Gharial. The gharial are native to the northern part of India. It has a long and thin snout that is adapted to catch fish. Bonus Pokemon! Trubbish! It is seriously just an overflowing bag of rubbish. I know its not a living being but I just find this one interesting and funny that I just had to give it an honorable mention.
  11. Victreebel, another plant that exists in real life and is also a carnivorous plant called the pitcher plant. The pitcher plant has an intricate trap system to trap unsuspecting insects inside its hollow tube that either has downward pointing hairs or even waxy scales to stop insects from escaping. Finally eating the insects by melting it and absorbing it for nutrients.
  12. Vileplume looks like a cute flower but its real life counterpart is the Rafflesia Arnoldii. The Rafflesia Arnoldii is one of the largest carnivorous flower in the world. The other name for the flower is corpse flower, this is because its color and smell resembles rotting flesh which is used to attract flies for it to eat.
  13. Kabuto, they resemble the giant isopod and the woodlouse. Apparently they are a very long distant cousin to each other. Their bodies are protected by a rigid exoskeleton composed of overlapping segments that they can curl up into a ball as a defense mechanism.
  14. Luvdisc, another cute fish and this one looks like a heart of all shapes. It is based of the kissing gourami. The Gourami has lips in that looks like its ready for a kiss all the time. You might be tempted to kiss it but you might not like it as the lips are lined with horny teeth.
  15. Sandshrew, in my point of view it looks like an alien dinosaur but its real life counterpart is definitely a Pangolin. With its shiny, hard armor made of keratin that could also be found in human fingernails and hair, just like an armadillo, it can curl up into a ball when threatened and would then emit a noxious-smelling acid just like a skunk.
  16. Magikarp, they look a lot like the yelloweye rockfish. The rockfish have been declared over fished because of their prized meat and it could grow to a maximum length of 36 inches. But the whiskers on the magikarp are most definitely from the Koi fish as its Japanese name is KoiKing.
  17. Zigzagoon, they are definitely inspired by the raccoon. That cute burglar mask on the face is just like the real thing. The only difference is the zigzag pattern of its fur and its bigger looking paws compared to a normal raccoon.
  18. Shellos, it is based off another sea slug which is the Chromodoris Lochi. The Chomodoris Lochi, is a species of sea slug that is either blue or blueish white. Each individual slug can reach to at least 4 cm in length. Their main food are sponges. No not synthetic sponges.
  19. Manaphy and phione, they’re both blue, both flamboyant and both are mostly water. They are based of the sea angels. The sea angels are a type of swimming sea slug. They developed wing-like flapping appendages and does not have a shell. The wings allow them to swim much faster than their prey which are the sea butterflies.
  20. Emolga, this cute little flying rat like thingy is too cute to be based on a bat, instead it is based on the flying squirrel. In real life, the squirrel couldn’t really fly but what it does is glide through the sky like flying with a hang glider. So the squirrel would stretch the parachute like membranes on its sides which stretches from its wrist to its ankle and would use its fluffy tail to stabilize the short glide.

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