10 Stupid Reasons For Getting Fired

10. Fired for posting in reddit
A waitress was fired for sharing a photo of a receipt on Reddit. There was something written on the receipt and it reads “I give God 10%, why should you get 18”. It was written by a pastor who ate there so I guess it was bad luck for the waitress cause not just no tip but no job as well.

9. Fired for trying to saving a life
There was a lifeguard who ran to rescue a man that was drowning. Apparently, he shouldn’t have done that because he got fired for leaving the section of the beach that he was patrolling as it broke the company’s rule and could have left the beachgoers in his section in danger.

8. Fired for not getting an abortion
A mexican restaurant fired a waitress because she wouldn’t have an abortion. They said that customers do not like waitresses with a belly. The owner himself offered to pay for the abortion since she said the baby was the owners grandson. They did let the waitress work there for another few months and then continued stating that she would have to go since she isn’t slim anymore.

7. Fired for being too hot and irresistible 
In Iowa, a dentist fired his own assistant because he found that she was attractive and even his wife found her a threat to their marriage. The lady tried to sue but she lost that as well. She must have been really attractive even in her scrubs.

6. Fired for asking questions
Asking a question in the military could cost you your job. This happened to a man who was then a major when he asked the question on how would an officer know if the president hasnt gone mad in issuing a thermonuclear missile strike that could lead to the deaths of millions of people. Legit question but I guess it was too opinionated.

5. Fired for being nice
A lunch lady in Missouri got fired for giving a bit of free food to a child who had no money for his food. Her reason was because, the child could only get a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk everyday if she didn’t do it and to shelter the child from being bullied just because of the same food everyday.

4. Fired for telling a joke
A man in Iowa was fired for telling the same seinfeld joke far too many times. The joke was to say ‘You’re so good looking” instead of “bless you” when someone sneezed. But he kept saying the same thing over and over again to female co-workers that it was deemed sexual harassment.

3. Fired for drinking pepsi
A man who was the driver for the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. for 12 years was fired because he drank Pepsi. He had a clean record in all the 12 years of his life working for the coca cola company, except for that 1 eventful day were he drank pepsi on the job during break.

2. Fired for wearing makeup
Who knew that makeup could get you to lose a job. A female hospital cleaner in England was sacked because of her Egyptian style makeup which apparently to her bosses was offensive. After wearing the same type of makeup for 3 and a half years of service and even wearing it to the job interview, people must have talked behind her back a lot for the bosses to come to this conclusion.

1. Fired for writing an Email
A woman in New Zealand was laid off because of an E-mail she wrote to alert her co-workers of a very important information which she wrote a few parts of the email in CAPS and made it bright red. Apparently, the management said that because of that email, she had cause disharmony in the office. She sued and won 17,000 dollars tho, so all is well.


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