7 Japanese Folklore Monsters used in Pokémon

7. ムウマ Muuma (Misdreavus)
The Muuma is just a small pokemon that is a flying head that according to the pokedex ‘loves to sneak up on people late at night, then startle them with its shriek like cry’.

The Muuma is inspired by the Nukekubi. A nukekubi is a cursed woman who’s head would detach itself from the body only at nights without the woman herself knowing. But the nukekubi is worse than the muuma as it would go out and drink human and/or animal blood before returning to its body.

6. コノハナ Konohana (Nuzleaf), ダーテング Daatengu (Shiftry)
Taneboo, konohana and daatengu. As you can see especially from the japanese name from the 3rd evolution, they didn’t even try to hide the source of their inspiration which is the Tengu.

The tengu is a human like yokai that has wings and looks like they’re wearing a red mask that has a long nose like a lying pinochio. The Tengu especially the Dai Tengu lives in solitude and is viewed as god-like sages.

This corresponds to a pokedex entry for the Daatengu, “A Pokémon that was feared as a forest guardian. It can read the foe’s mind and take preemptive action”.

5. エーフィ Eifi (Espeon)
This one is inspired loosely on one yokai as the only similarity it has is that it looks like a cat, has a split in its tail and is psychic. The yokai counterpart is the nekomata.

A nekomata is a very old cat that with its old age became a yokai with psychic powers. It has a tail that is split in two, could summon fireballs and can control corpses like a puppet. It can also use its powers to blackmail and enslave humans to do its bidding. Like I said very loosely inspired.
4. ロコン Rokon (Vulpix), キュウコン Kyuukon (Ninetales)
The rokon and kyuukon are inspired from the very popular yokai called the kitsune. Kitsune are foxes that has superior intelligence and magical powers. They are usually depicted with more than one tail just like the Rokon and Kyuukon.

Apparently, the more tails they have (9 being the maximum) the older and more powerful the Kitsune is you know like in naruto. Also, the kitsune are known to shapeshift, usually as beautiful women and are known to marry humans.

3. スリープ Suriipu (Drowzee), スリーパー Suriipaa (Hypno), ムンナ Munna (Munna), ムシャーナ Musharna (Musharna)
These four are definitely inspired from the yokai called baku. A baku is a yokai that looks like a tapir that devours dreams and nightmares exactly like the pokedex entires for the four pokemen that was mentioned.

Now, the baku could be summoned right after having a nightmare and by repeating these words: “Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream. Baku-san, come eat my dream” then as said in lores, it would come and eat the bad dreams ensuring a good night’s sleep. Just be careful not to summon it too much as it can also devour hopes and desires leaving an empty life.

2. ニューラ Nyuura (Sneasel), マニューラ Manyuura (Weavile)
They look like weasels with sharp claws and they can only be found in the icy mountains of the Pokémon world. This is just like the yokai called kamaitachi.

The kamaitachi is also a weasel with claws that are usually found in snowy mountains. They would always travel in three’s to perform 3 different tasks. One would make a person fall, the second would cut the person’s leg with its claws and the third would apply its magic medicine to leave the victim with no fatal wounds.

Though the manyuura forms groups of 4 or 5 as stated in the pokedex entry: “They live in cold regions, forming groups of four or five that hunt prey with impressive coordination”.

1. クチート Kucheat (Mawile)
The kucheat is a small pokemon that looks cute with its round face and small eyes but it has a giant jaw on the back of its head. This is much like the futakuchi onna.

They appear as beautiful women who seems to not eat anything and is very quiet. You won’t know that she is a yokai but you will notice that the food supply would slowly start to deplete. Yes, the yokai has another mouth on the back of her head and this mouth would demand food as it has an insatiable hunger. It could also control the woman’s hair and use it like hands.

But lucky for the kucheat, rather than a nuisance, the jaw could be used for fighting.


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