5 Creatures From Indonesian Mythology

1. Buto Ijo
They look like huge green trolls. They have fangs and they like to kidnap children by bringing them to its dwelling and just play with them. They would get the children to be its slave and to do its bidding like giving it a massage or even just stand without blinking. Anything they like really.

When they finally get bored with the children. The children would be killed and eaten. It doesn’t care about the children at all rather all it wants from them is just entertainment and food.

Also, there are stories that the buto ijo can be used like a Toyol, as talked about in my other video, to gain riches by using black magic.

2. Lembuswana
This creature has an elephant’s trunk, a lion’s mane, garuda’s wings, fish scales and it would always wear a crown. It is considered holy because it was ridden by Bathara Guru who was the Supreme god or what locals would call “Dewa” in Indonesian mythologies which are very influenced by Hinduism.

The creature is a mythological creature specifically for the people of Kutai in Kalimantan. It is also currently the Kutai mascot and has been since long ago when Kutai was still a Sultanate Kingdom.

3. Cindaku
This is a legend from a village called Kerinci in Sumatra about humans turning into humanoid tigers similar to werewolves. Though these Cindaku are not cursed like the werewolves who only transform because of a full moon, they are bound to one thing and that one thing is their own homeland.

Not all people from Kerinci are Cindaku, only those with the right bloodline can become one. Those who become a Cindaku are known to be the villages guardian and some believe the Cindaku still exists but because of modernisation they become redundant and might have also migrated, thus losing their powers to transform.

4. Nyi Blorong (Nyi Loro Kidul)
There is a lot of conflicting stories for this one because some believe that they are the same creature, some believe they are 2 different beings altogether. So here is one of the story of Nyi blorong.

According to beliefs, Nyi Blorong is the queen of the South Sea near the Indian Ocean. During the full moon she would look like the most beautiful woman you would ever see wearing a green Kebaya with a long golden skirt. She would lure people towards her with her beauty to get them all in the mood for fun.

When all is set and done, she would leave gold flakes on the beach as a reward. The man would then be wealthy from the gold but right before death, the person’s soul would somehow be taken and cursed to be her man-slave forever.

Also, if you see her anytime other than a full moon, rather than a long golden skirt, you would see that she has a long golden snake-like lower body.

5. Ebu gogo
In the Flores folklore, they are short hominoids of approximately 1 metre tall, covered with hair, has a pot belly and big ears. Technically an ape but were known to repeat human words like a parrot would do.

They eat anything they can get, this includes human babies. According to lore, the people of Flores tried to coexist with the creature by offering them food so that the Ebu Gogo doesn’t destroy their crop. But the Ebu Gogo crossed the line of kidnapping a human child.

Because of that one incident, the people of Flores started hunting them down and most probably hunted them down to extinction.
In 2003, anthropoligists actually found the remains of a hominoid of the same feature of an Ebu Gogo. They call their findings, Homo Floresiensis as it was found in the Flores Island. So its not quite farfetched to say that they might have actually existed.


One thought on “5 Creatures From Indonesian Mythology

  1. I saw a creature run by me at my front door in the kampung in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Only the legs from the knee down were visible….and it made thumping noises as it ran by. The feet were excactly like an baby elephant but unlike an elephant…there were only two feet. …It was grey and wrinkled like an elephant…but with very dark green stripes like a zebra. The animal was a biped..walked on two legs. Does anyone know what this creature is?


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