5 Claimed Human Immortals

This post will list the people who either themselves claim to be immortal or claimed by others to be immortal. None in this list is a spiritual entity such as god, artificial life such as robots or even non-humans such as monsters or animals.


He was an eccentric man claiming that he was immortal. According to him, mortality is just something brought upon one’s self and that it can be avoided through a regimen of prayer and fasting. He came to believe that he was immortal when he met a preacher who preached that “man by faith can live forever”.

Though the preacher died, Jones still believed in his faith and went on with his life by becoming a politician that kept on running for president of the united states by claiming that he was immortal and people should believe in his faith so that they become immortal together with him.

But in 1868, Jones caught pneumonia. Refusing treatment believing that his sickness was due to his lack of faith and by strengthening his faith he would be cured, he soon died because of it at the age of 71.


Though he never said it himself but some hopeful fans and the media kept saying that he is immortal. This is because he doesn’t seem to age and there are old photos from the 19th century that shows a man of similar features who was known as Paul Mounet. This man aged really well by not aging at all~ I wonder if its his niceness that is the source of his youth?

Almost the same as Keanu Reeves in that, he doesn’t seem to age. He is very mysterious even to people of his time because he kept on making different stories when asked about his origin. So no one knows his real age or even where his wealth comes from. Count of St Germain has always looked like he was 40+ years old in between the 40 years he was in europe.

He likes to dine (quote unquote) with friends and would be seen talking from start to end because he enjoyed their company, but it was rare to see him eat anything on the table because it was said he only eats his own food which consists of something similar to oatmeal. There are accounts from distinguished people such as Casanova, Voltaire, King Louis the 15th, madame de pompadour and more who said that he was a man who knows everything, he’s very mysterious and always youthful.

St Germain was very involved in alchemy, prescribing people his anti-wrinkle potions and even hair dye. This could be the secret to his youth or the secret could be in the jewels that he would always be adorned with from head to toe. His death was recorded in 1784, but there were no real personal belongings left in his estate at the time of his death like his jewelries or even his violin.

A few years after his death, there were accounts of meetings with someone resembling Saint Germain throughout the years with the most recent one being in 1972. Is he really immortal and just living a quiet life right now? Or is it just because he has a common face?


You might know that name from Harry Potter or other fiction books out there but Nicolas was not an alchemist but he was a successful scribe and manuscript seller. He lived a rich life being a wealthy scribe and got married to Perenelle who was also rich from her 2 previous marriages. Thus this couple lived a wealthy life which in the later years of their life was known for their philanthropy.

Nicolas lived until his 80s, he managed to design his own tombstone and 8 years later died in 1418. There was no indication of him doing any alchemy at all, at least not until 1612 where an alchemical book was published in Paris about Flamel searching for the philosopher’s stone.

In the book, Nicolas and his wife were believed to have attained a way to make the philosopher’s stone which if used right could make base metals into gold or even more important, can make one immortal. Some believe that Nicolas and his wife became immortal and faked their deaths while others believe that it was just a publisher’s tactic to sell more books.

1. Self Mummifying Monks

Some Buddhist monks in Mongolia, China and North Japan had a spiritual practice that slowly mummifies one’s self in order to attain enlightenment. But in North Japan specifically in the Yamagata Prefecture, between the 11 and 19th century, they believed that this practice was a path to immortality called sokushinbutsu, where rather than death, they are believed to be in a dead like meditative trance.

To attain their immortality, they only eat nuts and grains to remove all the fat in their body and drink tea made from the urushi tree sap which is actually extremely toxic and usually used to varnish furniture. Finally, when they’re already sticks and bones they go in a coffin which has a hole for breathing and a bell for indication that the monk is still aware of their surroundings.

In the coffin they would meditate in the lotus position until they are in a meditative trance. Then after 1000 days of no bell rings, the coffin is then reopened to see the condition of the monk. If the monk is fully mummified then it is believed that they have attained immortality while those who did not succeed were just praised for their courage and determination.


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