5 Weird Creatures in Japanese Folklore

It is a big yokai that likes to block people’s path with its body by making it look like a dead end. You can try climbing over it or even going around it but you will never be able to pass through. Apparently the only way for you to pass through it, that is if you really feel like you’re actually going the right way and there’s no such thing as turning back in your life’s dictionary, you could try kicking the wall on its lower left corner where it is said, would make it disappear.

In traditional japanese homes you would have paper screens for the walls and doors, you know those shoji screens. Well, a mokumokuren is a haunted shoji screen. If the screen is damaged and is not patched up, countless eyeballs would start to form on the screen and would start staring at you especially at night.

These mokumokuren are pretty helpless and harmless as you can pluck the eyes out of the screen one by one if you want to and they would still do nothing but stare at you as told in one of the lores. To stop them from regrowing or staying on the screens, the only thing you need to do is patch the shoji screen so that there are no more holes in it. Easy peasy.

This literally means the red handed child. It is not a story about a kid with red hands but it is about a child’s hand all blood red, just dangling on a tree. This is a form of yokai that does nothing but creep you out. The tree would be there like any other tree just being there then the red hand might suddenly drop or it would be dangling there from the start.
There is not much about this akateko or even how the hand is dangling but we do know that it originated from the aomori prefecture in the city of hachinohe.

They look like weasels with a sickle like claw on its paws. They would travel in three’s and would move very fast while riding a whirlwind that you would not be able to see them. The three weasels have their own tasks to do, the first one would make the human fall, the second would cut the human with its sharp claws and the third would put its magical medicine on the wounds so that none of the blows are fatal on the victim.

No one knows why they do this, maybe they’re like vampires that need blood to survive or they’re just doing this for fun, we don’t know but if you do trip during a windy day and found that you have cuts on your legs thats not bleeding, you might just be one of the victim of the kamaitachi.

Ittan Momen
It’s just a long piece of cloth flying in the wind at night. No face no nothing, it looks just like a piece of flying cloth but be careful because it has a tendency to just wrap around you and you would either get choked to death or smothered to death. Is it a lonely piece of cloth just wanting to do its job or is it actually sadistic and wants to choke people to death? Because in some lores, there are stories where it would gladly let people wear it if the person has gained its trust.


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