5 Creepy Tourist Destinations


It is a massive forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. Also known as the Suicide Forest because it is the most popular place for suicides. Historically, the forest has been known to have demons or Yurei to be lurking inside it. The forest itself is very dense, that anyone could get lost if they leave the official trails.

Now, what started these suicides? The suicides started to happen since the book called Kuroi Kaiju (Black Sea of Trees) written by a renowned author Seicho Matsumoto was published in 1960. The book was centred around the Aokigahara Forest and the double suicide of two lovers. I’ve never read the book but if it made people want to commit suicide in Aokigahara because of the book, it must have been written in a wonderful or meaningful way.

Another book that most probably contributed to the suicides is probably Wataru Tsurumi’s book called “The Complete Suicide Manual” as it is also commonly found in the forest floors among the belongings of the dead.

All in all, around 500 people has committed suicide in the forest called aokigahara.


Also known as Texas’ most dangerous diving spot. It is a karstic spring flowing from the bed of Cypress Creek located northwest of Wimberley Texas. The mouth of the spring is 12 ft in diameter and is about 30 ft vertically deep, it then continues down at an angle through a series of silted chambers which goes down to a depth of 120 ft.

When you go deeper and deeper, it would get darker and there would be caves and chambers that are hard to access. There is even a chamber that looks like the exit and it has killed at least one diver. Also the floors of the chamber is covered with fine silt. One wrong step and the silt would start pluming everywhere until you won’t know which way is up or down.

If you are inexperienced, just play near the top of the well as it has claimed 8 lives that we know of.


What lies under the city of light is a huge catacomb lined with human skeletons and skulls. Due to overpopulation in the 12th century, death rate also increased causing cemeteries to have no more room for the dead and so they started burying the dead in abandoned mines below the city.

Because of this, by the 17th century, they began to meticulously rearrange the skeletons decoratively as we see today. You would see rows and rows of skulls and bones on the walls and pillars of the catacombs. Calming or creepy? Its for you to decide because you can visit this place as it is opened to the public and if you last until the bottom of the catacomb, there is a single ancient gate with writing on it, it translates to “stop! Here lies the Empire of Death”.


South of mexico city, you can find a small island known as the island of dolls. In this island, you would be able to see hundreds or even thousands of rotting dolls with severed limbs or decapitated heads hanging from the trees.

They would have lifeless eyes that seem to follow you around and some people have reported hearing whispers happening between the dolls.  Why are there dolls in the trees? It happened when 1 man, who was the caretaker of the island called Don Julian found a young girl drowning in one of the island’s stream.

He was too late to save the girl that he became a bit loose in the head with the obsession of the girl. He said that the first doll he put on a tree was from a doll he found drifting in the stream the girl died in. In respect to the girl and hoping the girl could rest in peace he started collecting dolls and hanging them on the trees.

After years of doll collecting, people started seeing the place as haunted or just creepy from the lifelessness of the dolls just hanging in the trees. And now tourists can put more dolls on them and just get creeped out as the other dolls accepting the new one they brought.


From the Ewe people of West Africa, voodoo is known as vodun. We know what voodoo is, it is the magic of ancient times that are believed to be able to either cause harm or good through curses and healings. Like most magic, you need materials to make a concoction of potions.

The best place to get ingredients is from the Voodoo Fetish market in Lome, Togo. You get skulls, bones, feet, horns, paws and even skins of variety of animals of your choice. It could be even considered a local pharmacy if you know what I mean.

With all the death and decay that they are selling don’t you find this place creepy?


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