7 Creatures From Irish Mythology

When we think of Ireland, we would think of Leprechauns. This post will show you that there are more to Ireland than the Leprechauns and the lucky charms.

7. Grogoch
They are little halflings, which are half human and half fairy. They are covered in reddish fur with twigs and dirt occasionally getting trapped in it and they are stark naked. They are notorious for having bad personal hygiene, you would be able to smell them around your house if they are near.

What do they do? They for whatever reason would help around the house like planting, harvesting or even doing domestic chores and all they want in return is a jug of cream or booze.

What makes them mythical? They can turn themselves invisible and only show themselves when they want to, it is also believed that if you want to get rid of them, just give them clothes. Like for little Dobby in Harry Potter got freed.

6. Pooka
They are shape shifters, it can take the form of other animals and even humans. But in human form it would still have animal features like the ears or tail. The only common feature that doesn’t change is its fiery golden or red eyes and has jet black hair or fur.

The pooka can either give good advice when treated with respect or destroy huge masses of crops and even vandalise people’s property if it doesn’t get what it wants. Like in remote areas of County Down, the pooka becomes a goblin that demands a share of the crops at the end of harvest. In other parts of Ireland, it would become a creature like the bogeyman and just scare people who walk outside at night.

But in County Fermanagh, on high mountain tops, the pooka would almost always turn into a black horse and if treated with respect, would give advice and a bit of prophecy of what is to come.

5. Banshee
It is a fairy woman who wails or sing if someone is about to die. Some Irish families believes that the banshee is attached to them and will wail when a family member is about to die. Traditionally, when someone dies, a woman would sing a lament at the funeral, but according to legend for great Irish families, the lament would be sung by a fairy woman, which are the banshees.

These fairy women would have foresight and will sing even if the person who died is overseas or very far away, thus the wailing or singing would be a sign that there is death in the family. Some say that if there is more than 1 banshee wailing, that means someone great is going to die.

These banshees are often wearing white or grey dresses and has long pale hair. So if you’re Irish and you hear a spirit woman wailing or singing at night, let me just say this, my condolences.

4. Dullahan
We could probably call them the headless horseman because it rides a horse or drive a coach without a head on its shoulder. The severed head is usually carried on one hand or sat down next to it on the coach.

These Dullahan could either be a man or a woman. They have a gothic taste in items where it has a whip made out of human spine and the wagon adorned with gothic objects like candles in skulls or wheels made of bones.

They hate to be seen and will throw blood on the person who sees them or using his whip he would strike the person’s face and blind ’em.

They are a bit like the banshee in which, where there is the dullahan there will be death. But death only happens when they stop in their tracks and shout the name of the soon to be dead. So if you hear the sound of horses nearby and your name being called, I hope its not the dullahan.

3. Moruaidh (morooay)
An Irish term for a mermaid or merman. The usual half-human, gorgeous human waist up and fish-like waist down. They have soft white webbing between their fingers and green hair. They always wear special hats called the cohuleen druith which enables them to dive in the water without having to come out for air.

They are known to have a gentle, modest and affectionate personalities that they are capable of inter-marrying with humans. Though there are stories of these intermarriages, they would always go back to sea after a while rather than living happily ever after together.

2. Clurichauns & 1.Leprechauns
We all know what a leprechaun is, the little old men with the green outfit and the lucky charms with the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Now, a clurichaun tho is like a toned down version of a leprechaun.

Some say its a close cousin to the leprechaun but some say that they are the leprechauns themselves. Why is a clurichaun like and not like the leprechaun? It is because these clurichauns are always seen at night and is drunk as a sailor. Their physical appearance look just like the leprechauns but more disheveled and sloppy

They still like to prank people but they are more interested in people’s wine cellar and just have the time of their life drinking til everything is dry. As a drunkard, they would ride sheeps, goats and even the dogs just for the fun of it.

So are they a close cousin to the leprechauns or are they leprechauns who had just too many drinks for its own good?


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