6 New & Old Unsolved Mysteries

Mysteries around the world that are still unsolved. Here I have listed some mysteries that I find interesting.

Mary Celeste

This ship is an american merchant brigantine which had an uneventful voyage since 1861 until that particular day. 4th December 1872, off the azores Islands, the ship was discovered without a lifeboat and was sailing about by itself without anyone on board.

It was found in an ok condition, considering it being an 11 year old ship and the last log entry written was 10 days before the discovery of the ghost ship. The cargo was found to be undisturbed with the belongings of the captain and the crews still around.

With the lifeboat gone, we would think that at least there would be survivors to tell the tale but none of these men were ever seen or heard from again. What happened on that eventful day to the crew and ship will never be known and will forever be a mystery.

Talking about ships, The MH370.

Who doesn’t know about this? It is a Malaysian flight that was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China on the 8th of March 2014. There were 227 passengers and 12 crew members on the flight when the aircraft vanished without a trace.

The last voice contact with air traffic control was 0119 malaysian time over the South China Sea approximately less than an hour from take off. The aircraft vanished from the air traffic controller’s radar a few minutes after the last voice contact at 0121 malaysian time but the malaysian military radar still continued to track the aircraft as they found that it has deviated from the designated route.

An hour later at 0222 malaysian time, flight 370 is no longer seen on the military radar northwest of malaysia. The search and investigation was done with the help of neighboring countries plus australia, uk, us, china and france but to no avail.

Until now, there are only speculations, like it could be military, technical malfunctions or even suicide. No one knows exactly what happened to them.So all we can do now is hope that if they survived, theyre not currently suffering and if they’re no more, hope they didn’t suffer when they lost their lives.

The next one gets people to believe that a dinosaur is still roaming the earth.

It is the Loch ness monster.

A monster that lives in Loch ness, a large and deep freshwater lake found in the Scottish Highland and the monster is also known as Nessie. It is similar to other supposed lake monsters but this one is indeed the most famous one. With varying descriptions on how it looks like, the only common description is that the monster is incredibly large and has a longish neck. This one might just be a hoax as most of the pictures taken were blurry zoomed in versions or straight out just unreal. But there are a lot of sightings of this monster that makes one wonder.

Can’t it be real? If it is real, would it be captured and experimented on then remain a secret? or would it remain a secret so that people CANT capture and experiment on it? Until the creature itself gets washed up to the shore, it would still remain a mystery.

Now, because of google maps, we could see things that we normally don’t see in remote areas. Such as very huge lines or glyphs on the surface of the earth.

Thus one of them is: The Chinese Mosaic Lines

You could see this on google maps by typing these coordinates: 40° 27′ 28.56″N and 93° 23′ 34.43″E. You will see strange mosaic lines which is about a mile long and about 3000 feet across in the Gobi desert in china. There isn’t much information on what these lines are actually, but speculations have been made.

Some may say it has to do with aliens, some say its the remains of a lost civilisation but the most likely explanation is that its used by the military for target practice range. We would never know the secret of other countries unless they downright explain it to the world. Thus, until the ones who make it fess up, we would never know what these lines are really about.

This next mystery is quite recent and quite sad, The Iguala Mass Kidnapping.

43 male student from the Raul Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers college of Ayotzinapa went missing in 26 september 2014 at Iguala Guerrero, Mexico. It was reported that they were on several buses traveling to Iguala to hold a protest at a conference led by the mayor’s wife.

During the journey they where intercepted and confronted by the police. There was a shootout and the bus was chased. Some kids manage to escape and give the account of what happened. Even witnesses said that after the shootout ended, students were rounded up and forced into police vehicles.

What happened after that is still a mystery as the whereabouts and wellbeing of the 43 students are still unknown. Rather, one of the students who tried to escape from the shootout has been found with his eyes gouged out and the skin of his face flayed to a bare skull.

So, what really happened to the students, are they alive or dead and who is behind their disappearance? these are the mysteries that we hope to get answers to in the near future

This last one is just like the Chinese mosaic lines which can be seen using google maps.

The Atacama Geoglyphs There are nearly 5,000 geoglyphs found in the atacama desert, these are some of the famous ones: Geoglyphs at Tilevich: Coordinates: 19°32’56.62″S, 69°58’4.21″W, geoglyph of Chiza Coordinates: 19°12’12.51″S, 70° 0’29.37″W and the Atacama Giant: Coordinates: 19°56’56.88″S, 69°38’1.87″W.

Why were they built? No one knows yet and we might never will. It could be because of cultic worship of mountains or for the Andean deities. It could even be just a giant road sign for people who uses the path in the desert. It could mean something like, what type of food could be found there, which direction to go next and what things they need to be wary of. But like all these mysteries we find, unless there’s the cold hard evidence, all we could do is speculate.


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