5 Malay Ghosts and Supernatural beings


To start off with, malay is a race in south east asia that are mostly found in brunei, indonesia, malaysia and singapore. Now the ghosts that I’m going to talk about are mostly known in the malay regions but similarities may be found around other parts of asia.

Lets start off with one that i was scared of when growing up. They’re called pocong. Thinking of them still makes me shudder because they are reaaaallly creepy.

The story goes like this. When muslims die, they get wrapped in white cloth which during the burial ceremony would be loosened right before ‘being buried. When the knot on the head of the deceased is not loosened. The dead would be unsettled and come back as pocong.

They would be found in cemeteries still fully wrapped in white cloth just standing upright and staring at people with unblinking eyes. Their face could range from normal to very decomposed probably depends on how long it has been dead for. They are also said to be slightly hovering and could teleport from one place to the other.

It doesn’t cause any harm but they will follow you because all they want is their knots to be loosened. Thats why it creeps me out… the haunting and all you could do is wait for it to leave you or actually touch it and release it from its suffering. >.<

The next one is something that my mom claimed to have seen when she was a little girl.

They are called penanggal. Literally means detacher. The appearance of this creature is of a detached flying head with its own organs still dangling below it. Their blood would still be dripping from the entrails which are said to be poisonous.(this is what my mom claimed to have seen)

This thing is not a ghost. Its a human being who practices black magic that wants to look beautiful and young. In the mornings, they are beautiful. But at night, when they have to, they will detach their head from the body, in search of blood from women who just gave birth and the flesh of newborns. They are said to be able to move into cracks or atleast just stretch its tongue to drink the blood during birth. EEgh..

The only way you can stop this it to find its source and rid of the place it keeps its body or just kill the black magic user then and there before it transforms. But.. there are laws so good luck trying to prove the person really uses black magic. HA!

Most of these supernatural beings are used for personal gains and the next one ill be talking about is for being rich. They are goblin like creatures that is believed to be made from dead human fetus or stillborns using black magic.

They are called toyol. Apparently there are similar stories of these little beings in other parts of asia such as china, thailand, philippines and even korea. Their appearance look like a dead, half naked or fully naked toddler with fangs and pointy ears.
They are used to steal or cause mischief under the order of their master. The master will have a rich life at the expense of their own health or even the lives of their family members but you know, still rich.

It is also said that if any family member of the owner gets married, these toyol will go and suck the blood from the toes of the bride while she is asleep.

Now how do you ward them off? You can’t really but you can distract them from doing what they were going to do with sweets or toys because sadly they are still children. Theyre just awaken from the dead by these black magic user. Quite sad if you ask me.

This next one is a funny one. It’s not as scary but more on the creepy side. Its called orang minyak which literally means Oil Man. He is called oil man because he is covered in black grease.

What does he do? HE rapes! AND he rapes only virgins as well.. He would go into homes and just rape. Other than that, people say he could go invisible and using his greasy body to slip away.

In short, this org minyak is a supernatural serial rapist. I think its just some man who got away with all the raping when people started saying that its a supernatural thing because in the 1960s there was a serial rapist on the loose in malaysia, that’s probably him.

This last one is the most commercialized ghost of them all. Its in movies, books, tv shows, literally the famous one of all.

She has pale white skin, clad in a white long dress, long hair her booty and lips that says ima bite you. She is called Pontianak and in all seriousness she is he craziest of them all.

She would pounce on you then dig into your stomach and eat your internal organs. AND if you’re a man, your manhood will be ripped out with her bare hands because of revenge.

Her story goes like this, when a pregnant woman dies of unnatural causes like being murdered, her spirit would likely feel a lot of hatred and will turn into this vengeful ghost. Because of revenge she will come and terrorize a village until she gets the one that she wants.

To know if she’s near, there would be the sweet smell of Frangipani which after some time turn into the smell of poop. Which is always accompanied by her signature laugh. They say that if you hear that the laugh is near, rest assure that she is far away, but if the laugh sounds like its really far away.. be very afraid.

Apparently, this is really far fetched, if you manage to plunge a nail into the nape of her neck, assuming youre still alive when you see her, she would turn into a beautiful woman that you can make into a wife forever, or until the nail is taken out of her where she’d transform back into the savage ghost and might eat you.

That’s the most known ghosts and supernatural beings within the Malay region. If you know more of other ghost stories feel free to share in the comment section. Thank you~


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