7 Animal Millionaires

Rich animals that have millions to their expense. These are the list of the animal millionaires:

7. Trouble
A maltese terrier was supposed to get 12 million dollars from owner Leona Helmsley. But when the owner died, the family contested the will and the dog ended up with only 2 million dollars.

Still a win win situation, I mean, 2 million than nothing at all. Those are still good odds.

6. Choupette
An elegant, gentle, stunning, white cat who became a model under the influence of her owner Karl Lagerfeld, a famous designer.

Started off modelling for the owner’s work, she ended up having 2 modelling gigs where 1 was for a German car company and the other a Japanese beauty product. With this, she earned 3.2 million dollars from just the 2 gigs she did.

Now, being the little princess she always was, she has 2 personal maids to keep her beautified and to keep her entertained.

This feline is living the dream

5. Gigoo
Miles Blackwell was left with no one when his wife died. Childless, heir-less, this man went to his dearest pet for everything.

Putting Gigoo his pet hen in his will, Gigoo inherits 10 million dollars from him.

What do you think a hen would do with all the money?

Probably try to buy her way out from being eaten. LOL!

I jokes~ I jokes~

4. Tommaso
Homeless, starving and gruff, he met Maria Assunta one day and it was love at first sight. They became best pals for each others loneliness that the 94 year old heiress feels the need to leave all her 13 million dollar fortune to the cat.

But under Italian law, animals could not inherit anything directly unless they are under the care of a trustee. This leeds on to another fateful day, where the lady met a nurse called Stefania in a park. A cat lover herself, she became friends with the 94 year old and made her cat friends with Tommaso.

Trusting the nurse, and because she doesn’t have much time left, the old lady made her a trustee and now Stefania takes care of Tommaso somewhere in the Roman countryside.

3. Toby Rimes
A cute little poodle. He is a descendant from poodles that inherited 30 million dollars from owner Ella Wendel in the first half of the 20th century.

Never has the poodle lived a normal life, instead of getting poor, the fortune has now increased to as close as 92 million dollars through investments.

Making sure the money stays within the family, the next poodle in line would inherit the money from Toby.

2. Grumpy cat
Real name Tartar sauce. A famous internet cat. Started from weird to weirdly cute to just plain cute that you want to bake a cake, decorate it with her face and eat it.


Thus because of her unique features, she became huge in the internet and now has raked in approximately 100 million dollars for the comfort of herself and the owner.

Lastly, the richest of them allllll~~~~

1. Gunther the 4th
Inherited 124 million dollars from his father, Gunther the 3rd who inherited the wealth from HIS owner Karlotta Liebenstein, a German countess. Almost the same story as little Toby earlier.

But he is waaaaay more richer.

As years go by his wealth grew to over 300 million dollars. The person managing his money is really good.

Anyways, being the rich dawg he is, he has estates in the Bahamas, Germany and Italy AAAND A mansion once belonged to Madonna. He also bought rare white truffles because he can and well he’s covered in riches.
Lucky dawg!


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