5 Young Murderers (14 Years Old and Younger)

Young murderers, do they know what they’re doing is wrong? Did they feel remorse on what they have done? We would never know. What we know is how and when they did the killings. These are a list of some of them:

5. Natsumi Tsuji
Also known as Nevada-tan by the internet because of the sweatshirt she presumably wore on the day of the event.

Nevada tan was a social outcast and depended on the internet for comfort. She had her own website that was based on a game called The Red Room, where she would blog for her friends to read. With more friends she makes online, the more she became dependent on it.

So on the 1st June 2004, she killed a classmate, Satomi Mitarai, by slitting her throat with a cutter. Then with her clothes covered in blood, she walked back into the classroom to tell the teachers of what she did but it was too late to save Mitarai as her heart had stopped due to the blood loss.

It was said that she killed Mitarai because of a demeaning comment she made on the website that Nevada tan was proud of.

Finally, on may 29th 2008, Local authorities announced that she will be released and will not be given additional sentence.

4.Graham Young
A smart young man fascinated with poisons. Living with his uncle and aunt, the family were constantly getting sick from an unknown origin. Thinking that some mysterious bug has spread to even people in his school, no one suspected him. It was later known that he has been experimenting on them and taking meticulous notes on the dosage he used and their reactions to his poison.

But one day, at the age of 14, his stepmother died and his aunt became suspicious. Months later, he confessed his attempted murder on people around him. Of course he was then institutionalized but he never stopped with experimenting with poison. Because after his release he went on to poisoning 70 more people which killed 2 out of them.

He later lived his life in prison until the first of august in the year 1990, where he died a month before his 43rd birthday.

3. Jesse Pomeroy
He was the neighborhood bully. Going after younger boys and attacking them in remote areas with his fist, belt and sometimes a knife.

He was arrested for his violence and was sentenced to a reform school in Massachusetts. During his parole in February 1874 , at the age of 14, a 10 year old girl went missing.

after a month of his parole, a mutilated body of a 4 year old was found, which led the police to suspect Pomeroy. After further investigation, they ended up finding the body of the 10 year old in the basement of Pomeroy’s mothers dress shop.

He was pronounced guilty on December 10, 1873 and was sentenced to death in February 1875 by hanging.

2. Mary Bell
Found guilty of killing 2 boys in different occasions. Bell was convicted for murder at the age of 11. The first murder caused the death of a four year a old boy who was strangled to death. She left notes in a different location of the murder with the help of her friend Norma Joyce Bell, saying that she was responsible for the killing. But the police at the time thought the notes were a prank.

The second murder, another boy age 3 was killed by strangulation with the friends help. This time a letter N which was finished into an M was carved with different hands on the boys stomach. With that Norma was acquitted while Mary served 12 years in prison.

The last known news about her was that she became a grandmother in 2009.

1. John Venables & Robert Thompson
On 12 February 1993, the 2 11 year old boys were playing truant from school as they usually do. They stole various items that day such as sweets, some batteries and blue paint which were later found at the murder scene. Seeking some sort of amusement, they came up with a psychopathic idea of abducting a kid and seeing him die.

This resulted in the death of 2 year old James Patrick Bulger. He was abducted as shown from a CCTV in the shopping centre where they walked for over 2.5 miles stopping every now and again to torture the boy.

They finally stopped at a railway track, where they continued torturing little Bulger. There they kicked and stomped at him brutally, threw rocks and bricks that they can find. The paint they had was thrown into his left eye and batteries were placed in his mouth.

They even made the boy strip his lower clothing for what the pathologist believe was something sexual because Bulger’s foreskin had been forcibly retracted and it was believed that they have also inserted some of the batteries in Bulgers anus.

The final blow was from a 10 kg iron bar which was dropped on Bulger’s head. In the end, they left Bulger on the train tracks in hopes of making it look like an accident, where his body was cut in half by a train.

The 2 killers were released in 2001 and given new identities where one probably lived a normal life while the other was found to have child pornography in his computer.


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