10 Dangerous Animals

Here are the list of 10 animals that can be dangerous to us humans. You might not think it at first, but you will be shocked!

10. Cows
Look at them. cute, docile, laid back but if you’re not careful, a kick here, a headbutt there and a trampling everywhere~~

Yep it could happen to you because cows are the cause of death for around 20 people per year! and that’s just the statistics for america alone. emm.. Imagine the world..

9. Bees
Furry tiny little creatures that helps to pollinate the flowers, makes honey, it just has a stinger on its butt no biggy.


It is found that they kill around 50 people per year in the states. These deaths are because of the allergic reaction to bee stings. so if you know you’re allergic or even don’t know, just try to stay clear out of their sight.

Don’t take any chances.

8. Deer
In america 100 people get killed per year by these cute looking, magical creatures of the woods. You might think the main cause would be a headbutt that skewer people to death.


Its the roads, people! You’d be , eeekkk aaaa *crash* and the last thing you’d see is the deer, looking straight in your eyes(or car) completely clueless in the shine of your headlights.

So drive safely people, especially at night, you don’t know what might pop up in front of you without any warnings.

They’re majestic, they’re beautiful, they’re deadly.

Mainly used in equestrian, 80 thousand people in the us get injured per year and as much as 100 – 200 deaths per year. They can kick you and/or fall on you and also you can fall off of them and break some bones in the process, crack some heads.

Its usually kick and fall or fall and kick. Figure out who falls on who >.<

6. Elephants
The death toll by elephants are 500+ per year. What do you expect from one of the biggest and heaviest land animals in the world? I talked about the horses earlier but now try imagine a bigger animal stepping on you.

Many of those deaths are caused by younger male elephants that gets aggressive and goes on a rampage in small villages at night. But lucky for you OR unlucky for you, This usually occur in India and Sri Lanka.

5. Crocodiles
We fear it, it looks badass, its fast and its not afraid of humans. SO yes its a bit obvious that it would be in this list. Around 2000 people die per year because of crocodiles.

They’re probably agitated because their names don’t rhyme with see ya later like alligators.

4. Hippopotamus
Africa, the land where huge scary animals live.

Around 2000+ people in Africa get killed annually by these fat,lazy looking animals. They get easily frightened and would not hesitate to attack when scared, especially if there are cute baby hippos around.

Also look at that big jaw. reminds me of that thing we played ages ago *show hungry hippos*

3. dogs
Stray dogs especially. i mean its Not just the biting and tearing. Its the rabies.

Worldwide, rabies could kill 35 thousand per year where 95% of these deaths are in Asia and Africa..

So if you get bitten by dogs, go straight to the doctors you know before its too late and you become a zombie and cause and apocalypse or worse! Not become a zombie at all and die!

Oh so morbid >.>

2. Humans
Humans. yes they’re on this list. you know from wars, weapons, psychopaths, drunk driving, again wars, etc etc,
so humans kill around 450 thousand people per year.

1. mosquito
Surprisingly, they kill more humans than humans do. mosquitoes are insects that buzz around you annoyingly and then sucks your blood. thank goodness for us, they’re tiny enough that they can be killed by just smacking it hard until it gives a micro splat!

Now how do they kill? they do it through the diseases they carry. it gets transferred during their blood sucking ritual of the female mosquito for the nutrients of its eggs. So that the eggs can hatch into strong kinda cute little larvaes…



One of the diseases that they carry is the Malaria which by itself kills around 7 hundred thousand people each year worldwide.


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